Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Spare Some Change Man:

You sit on the corner of the street near my work in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank on the back. You don't always have the oxygen on, but it's always on the back of the chair. I walk passed you every single day, and every single day you ask me, and everyone else who walks passed you if we can "spare some change". I have never "spared any change" so I don't know why you keep asking me. Now, up until a few days ago I did feel bad for you, and I have come very close to giving you money....but never again spare some change man. The other day as I'm walking back to work from running an errand, you ask me if I can "spare some change" while you are puffing away on a cigarette. Are you serious dude? I have always thought your oxygen tank was just a little gimmick you have to get people to give your more money...and now I am pretty convinced. I mean it's possible you can be a complete moron and just continue smoking when you have a lung problem....but I don't think so. And I mean not only do I think its just completely stupid that you are smoking if you really are sick, but why the hell would you do it on that corner? The same people probably walk passed you everyday, and they are going to think the same thing I do, that either your oxygen tank is an act, or they are not going to give you money just so that you can go buy yourself smokes and kill yourself a little faster. I mean if you were smart you would go hide while your having your smoke...because it's not like anyone is going to give you money while you are smoking with an oxygen tank. Or here's an idea spare some change man, spare yourself some change...and quit smoking!


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