Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Bitch-Face in 7-11:

So, I go into 7-11 this morning to grab myself a Big Gulp of Diet Dr. Pepper. As I'm paying for my pop I hear someone rudely yelling to the guys behind the counter "WHERE'S THE MILK FOR THE COFFEE?" One of the guys politely tells you, the half and half is right next to the coffee. And you get a little more agitated and more rude than you were previously...and begin this rant: "EEEEWWWW WHAT??? HALF AND HALF??? YOU PEOPLE DON'T HAVE SKIM MILK? HALF AND HALF, THAT'S FUCKING DISGUSTING, WHO DRINKS HALF AND HALF? Everyone in the entire store (and this is a rather large 7-11) is now staring at you, including the guy behind the counter who is laughing because I am sure he does not know how else to deal with you. You don't stop there, although I think you realized what a scene you were causing because you get a little quieter and say "What are we in fucking Kansas? Half and Half really?" No bitch, we are not in Kansas, but we are also not in Starbucks. We are in 7-11. If you are looking for some fancy coffee with "skim milk" maybe you should be willing to pay the few extra dollars for a Starbucks coffee. I'm pretty sure if we take a poll of all the people who get their morning coffee from 7-11, not one of them would say they drink skim milk.

Lady you made a complete ass out of your self because of some coffee creamer. In the future, either fork out the few extra dollars and go somewhere else or drink your coffee black.