Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear David's Bridal Lady:

I go in to your store on Saturday to order my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding. I have previously tried the dress on so I did not need to try it on again, so I just got to go right up to the counter and order. You don't really get a good look at me, I just tell you the brides name and you start looking up the info on the computer. You keep looking down and you ask my name and ask if I am the Maid of Honor, and go oh "Megan, okay, a size 4?" then look up and go "oh no." Now lady I just start laughing, because I know I am not a size 4. But I think you should be careful with making comments like that. I think any other girl probably would have freaked out at you if you made a comment like that to them. So David's Bridal Lady, next time there is a clear typo in your computer system, instead of saying "oh, no"..which was basically you saying "wait a second, this says you are ordering a size 4, you're clearly not a size 4, you are much fatter." should probably just say something like "what size was the dress again?, just want to make sure what I have in the system is right". I'm not mad David's Bridal girl, but other chics defiantly would be, so in the future you should just watch what you say.


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