Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Michigan:

Now I realize my blog is called "Dear Chicago" but you had your tourism people standing in Union Station the other day handing out Michigan tourism magazines, so I feel it is appropriate to write to you. In this tourism magazine your people were handing out there was  an add to go to a website and enter a contest to win a trip to Michigan. I am a big fan of Michigan, as well as contests so of course I went to the website. There were 12 different places that you could possibly win a trip to. I was in shock when I saw one of them was Flint. That's right I said Flint, Michigan. Are you people out of your minds??? Do you think people have not seen that Michael Moore movie? I still have nightmares about some hillbilly skinning a rabbit for food from watching that documentary. You seriously have to think people are stupid to think winning a contest to go on a trip to Flint would be a good thing. If I were to enter and win this couldn't pay me money to go on this trip. Do everyone a favor and don't insult the people that entered this contest by offering them a "vacation" to Flint. How 'bout you just offer them the $300 or so bucks this vacation would cost instead???