Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Crazy Christians:

As I was walking to the train the other day I ran into a group of you passing out stack of "comics" to people walking by. I was curious to see what you were handing out so I took one. When I got on the train I flipped through the stack of comics and found one entitled "Party Girl." I immediately knew it was going to be hilarious, so it's the first one I decided to read. The premise of "Party Girl" is that the devil is throwing a party....that includes "drugs, alcohol, all the hottest bands, and low-grade condoms," and a girl who is going to the party is saved by her grandmother who prevents her from partaking in the "drinking, and drugs, and immoral sex." I have several things I need to say about this. 1. This comic was handed to me by a girl who was maybe 10 years old......Seriously? Do these kids you have handing out these comics read them? I didn't even know what a condom was when I was 10 years I find it a little odd that you Crazy Christians would let your 10 year old pass out a comic that actually uses the term "low-grade" condom. And why are they "low-grade" condoms??? I bet you don't approve of any sort of condoms...not just the "low-grade" I think you might be sending the wrong message here. 2. Do you really think you are "saving" anyone by passing out these comics on the street? Most of the people that walked passed you did not even take them, and the majority of people that did probably threw them into the garbage immediately, they just took them because they felt bad for these poor kids who were being forced to harass people on the streets of Downtown Chicago. Anyone who actually read the comics (like me), probably just thinks you are crazy. 3. The address on the comic showed you were from a church in Bourbonnais....that's like an hour from Chicago, by the small chance you "reached" someone with your "message," they still wouldn't go to your church....they'd find some Christians in Chicago to associate with.
So Crazy Christians I really think you can find a better use for your children other than having them pass out comics on the street that no one is going to read, and if they do read them they are just going to have lots of reasons to think you are crazy. Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian myself and find nothing wrong with the fact that you want to "spread the word of God"....I just think you are going about it in all the wrong ways.


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