Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Door Lady:

First off I would just like to say you take your job WAY too seriously. Like I know you are trying to keep this building safe and all, but like so many shady people already live here, I don't know who you are trying to protect when you are so crazy about making my guests sign in and not letting them up until you get a hold of me. Like my 15 year old cousin you make sign in when she is with me is a lot less shady then the crack heads that actually live in this building.

Anyways, now to my real beef with you. So Friday I walk into my apartment and I found my lock on the ground. That's right, my lock actually fell out of the door and onto the floor. Now the lock has been loose for sometime, but I didn't think it was possible for it to actually fall out, guess I was wrong. So I freak out, because like I have mentioned shady people live here and I had no intention of leaving my door unlocked (or with no lock, since mine FELL OUT), for longer than like 5 minutes. So Doorlady, I come show you the lock and ask if there is still maintenance people around. You say you will go check, you check and maintenance man is not here. So you tell me when he comes back you will show him the lock and have him come fix it. I say "oh no, I will just try to fix it myself"...and you slowly try to slide the lock out of my reach. You tell me you can't let me take the lock because you can't let me try to fix it on my own. Are you serious lady? Do you really think I am just going to leave my apartment without a lock? So I just grabbed the lock and tell you there was no way I was going to leave my apartment unlocked...you get all pissy and roll your eyes at me. But seriously door lady you are out of your freaking mind. And door lady I was able to fix the lock on my own without messing anything up so you can chill out next time this happens. I actually just duct taped the lock back onto the door....that's right, duct taped. But door lady that is not your problem...I will address with landlady how it's possible that the lock on my door sucks so bad and is such a piece of crap that it can actually just be duct taped back on. In the future though, don't actually expect people will leave their doors unlocked in this shady freaking place for as long as it would take for the maintenance people to come and fix the door.


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