Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Creepos That Live Around Me:

So I don’t pay for my own internet because it’s usually fairly easy to pick up someone who lives near me’s. If I can’t pick up a neighbor's, I usually can go to the lobby. Although by now you all know I like to avoid doing that so I don’t run into creepy beret man. I would just like to say you are all a bunch of freaking weirdos. This is just a sampling of the network names I see when I try to get on other people networks: "Thuglife", "I touch myself," "wiener," (how creative), and the one I think that is the creepiest…."loner." Now the other ones I assume are just immature guys. I know this because in college I shared my internet with my guy friends and our network name was "sugar tits."But loner? That just screams…."I am a serial killer." I am just happy that the "loner" network only has one bar for me…which means "low connectivity," which means…loner does not live that close to me. It’s nice to know that the serial killer in the building does not live directly next door to me. So creepos in the building, I think you should change your network names…for some of you its just plain immature, but others your networks are frightening people in the building. I know there are weird people who live in this building, but I don’t need to be reminded of it when I am in my apartment by myself just trying to get on the internet.


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