Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Pretend Blind Guy:

As I'm walking down the street today I see you walking down the street with a cane in your hand, waving it back in forth in front of you. The thing that made me really wonder what was up with you was that the stick wasn't even touching the ground. How do you have any idea of what is in front of you if the stick is not touching the ground? Made me wonder if you were really blind. A few minutes later I'm waiting to cross the street and I feel something whack me super hard in the side of the calf. Then feel someone run into me. It was you Pretend Blind Guy. Now, this is when I decided you must have not really been blind. 1. You whacked me in the middle of the leg...if you were using the stick properly you would have hit me in the foot, and 2.a real blind person would not have then walked right into me, because after hitting me directly in the leg, they would have realized there was something right in front of them, and they should stop and not keep walking that way. Who knows maybe you are newly blind and not use to walking with a cane, but it really didn't seem that way to me. If you are not blind I don't know what purpose you have in pretending to be, or why you whacked me in the leg, but whatever your reason you're a horrible person. And if you are actually blind...maybe you should consider getting a seeing eye dog.


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