Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dear Mean Old Man in the Caddy:

I was walking home from the bus today when I came to an intersection with a 4-way stop. I stopped and let one car go, and then proceeded to walk across the street. As I got to about the middle of the intersection, I see you begin to turn out of the corner of my eye. You then point and beep at me like I am doing something wrong. Listen Old man, I am a pedestrian; I have the right of way. And it's not like I darted out in front of your car or anything. I was in the crosswalk long before you began to turn. Maybe you couldn’t see me because you are old, but that does not give you an excuse to beep and point at me...causing me to fall in the middle of the street. I am surprised you didn't drive right over me, considering how annoyed you are that I had the nerve to try and cross the street that you were trying to turn on. After I recovered from my embarrassing fall I got up and flipped you the bird, and just for good measure yelled F' you as well. Not like you could hear me, your windows were up and you are old. Now after I did this I realized how absolutely ridiculous I looked and how crazy people must have thought I was. If I was witnessing myself, I probably would have blogged about it, "Dear Crazy Bitch Who Flipped Off that Poor Old Man." But the more I thought about it, the more I realized you did need to be flipped off. I did nothing wrong. You, with your impatience and beeping and pointing caused me to fall in the middle of the street, reinjure my elbow (from my previous fall down the stairs), and caused me to act like a crazy person. That's right I am blaming you for my yelling and bird flipping. How was I supposed to act? Not only did you nearly run me over, I was humiliated in front of all the people that were on the street. For someone who falls as much as me I shouldn't really be embarrassed about my falls anymore....but this one was bad. And it was all your fault....if you had just waited 5 more seconds for me to cross the street, none of this would have happened. So Old Man, I think it’s about time you turn in your keys. I personally don't think any old people should be driving, and you are a clear example of why. You either cannot see anymore and that's why you didn't notice me crossing the street until I was practically in front of you, or you are one of those old people who thinks they have the "right of way" just because you are old. Please do all other pedestrians a favor and STOP DRIVING!


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  1. Megan,

    You should probably figure out this balance/coordination thing while you are young. An older woman with your history would be in and out of the hospital with some pretty serious fractures.