Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Smelly Rude European:

Now, I cannot name you by name, because some people are worried that certain other people (as in you smelly European) will read my blog and get offended. But ya know what buddy; you offended me quite a lot on Saturday night, so I personally don't care if I offend you or not. You smell, and you need to shower. How does that make you feel? It's kind of rude for me to say that right? Well how about when you told me that I "don't look like I don't eat meat" and that you bet I "eat pounds of bacon when everyone else goes to sleep at night." I asked if you were "calling me fat," and you of course said NO, but really dude, what were you trying to say? What does a person who "doesn't eat meat", look like? Skinny right? So exactly, you are calling me fat by saying I don't look like a person who doesn't eat meat. And really you took it too far by saying I probably eat pounds of bacon when people go to sleep at night. What were you insinuating there buddy? The worst part is you could tell I was pissed off, and you kept it up. What if I told you over and over again you smell and need to take a shower? Wouldn't it make you mad? I listen, Smelly Rude European, you have been in this country 10 years, I think it's about time you learn what is acceptable to say to people and what's not. A lot of Americans are fat, and they are very sensitive about being quit making comments to people about being fat. And what you don't understand is that in America you don't need to necessarily say "Megan you are fat" to call me fat, you can say "you eat pounds of bacon at midnight" and it means the same thing.



  1. Hey Megan, I think you should buy this smelly European some soap, deodorant, and mouthwash so next time he opens his stinky mouth you can throw them at him. This might shut him up and take care of the foul stench at the same time!

  2. Меган, ти гарна дівчина, дуже гарячий, як Україна дівчину.вони дуже гарячі, ви просто ОК. жаль бекон коментар, Майкл розповів мені, що ви їсте це все