Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Dummy in Employment Law:

Today in Employment Law our class was discussing whether or not employers should be able to not hire or fire a woman just because she was pregnant. Personally if I was a dude I would have been afraid to give my opinion on this one, because I'd think all the chics in class would jump all over me if I took the side of the employer. Apparently no one in my class was really looking to fight today, because you said quite possibly the dumbest thing I think I have ever heard anyone say, and no one managed to really correct you. You raise your hand and start rambling about how it's not really discriminating against women, because women are just naturally the ones that get pregnant. The argument made no sense....but then you decided to really add to your credibility by correcting yourself "well usually only women can get pregnant, men can only get pregnant if they have surgery." Are you FUCKING kidding me????? The teacher laughed and questioned you, and you said "like that pregnant guy on Oprah." Okay, I know the "pregnant man" thing was a big deal in the news a few months back, but all you had to do was listen to one news clip about it, and you would have known it wasn't actually a man, it was a woman that had surgery to get herself some boy parts, and took hormones so she could grow facial hair. Really, most, people shouldn't have needed to see the news, because any person with a drop of common sense should know that a man cannot get pregnant. I mean, do you actually think its possible to put female reproductive organs into a man? Where would a doctor get a spare uterus or a pair of ovaries? I mean I know it's possible to have this sex reassignment surgery that the "dude" on Oprah had... I'm going to go ahead and let you google what that actually involves. But I'll tell you what it doesn't involve, it does not involve a man being able to physically become pregnant. Just because you put some implants on someone and give them some estrogen pills, does not mean they can get pregnant. So Dummy, let me reiterate this, men in fact cannot get pregnant...unless of course you are really a woman, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.



  1. Once again, the author launches a verbal assault on a person without doing her research. Technically, a man can get pregnant, but it is not safe to do so. A fetus can develop outside of a uterus. Theoretically, a man could become pregnant, although safe delivery would be an issue. For more information, see http://www.scientificblogging.com/challenging_nature/a_real_pregnant_man_almost_certainly_possible_but_it_might_kill_him

  2. Jason,
    You must be true turd burglar. Good luck with the pregnancy. Please send me the link for your Star Trek blog.

  3. megan- thanks for the laugh, i always enjoy ur blog!!!!