Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Richard Roeper:

If older women can be 'cougars,' older men are ... :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Richard Roeper

I was in the dentist's office today, trying to make my next appointment when my mom called me to tell me I was quoted in your article. I have looked in the paper everyday since I e-mailed you a few weeks ago about your "cougar" article, in hopes that you would write a response to the e-mail I sent you. So needless to say, I was rather excited when I found out I made the article today. The receptionist at the dentist office probably thinks I am crazy because I was yelling into the phone when I found out, and then ignored her for the next 5 minutes while I texted all my friends to tell them. And then I read the article and I'd have to say I was a little disappointed that, as one friend put it, "[you] owned me." Because, I never tried to say that Manther was going to be as popular as cougar. Some woman like being called a cougar, no dude would like being called a manther, it makes them sound creepy, which is kind of the point. My only reason for e-mailing you was to inform you there is in fact a word for men, that is similar to cougar. I agree with you that it won't catch on quite like cougar has, and I'm also pretty sure George Clooney would never use the term to refer to himself. Maybe you don't like the word because you know you fit into the category. You're single, and old, and a little famous, so I'm just going to guess you date younger chics. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone calling you a word that sounds like "a second-tier character in a Marvel comic book." But Richard, no matter how you decided to spin it since you didn't like being proven wrong, I still think it's pretty freaking awesome you quoted me.



  1. So did you send Dick this post from "Dear Chicago:"?

  2. No....but I'm hoping he google alerts himself or something, so he sees it.