Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Museum of Science and Industry:

So today my mother thought it would be a great idea to go to your museum. Now, I don't know what she was thinking because the place was a freaking zoo...picking a day when all children are off school was a horrriiibbbllle idea. The place was absolutely packed, and all I wanted to do all day was throw my elbows into the people blocking me from seeing the exhibits and trip whiny little kids. I think you should have some kind of limit on the amount of people you let in there...I mean I was trying to look at the Fairy Castle, and the sign in the room actually said no more than 10 people could be in there at a time, there was about 40. That's ridiculous, the Fairy Castle is my favorite thing at the whole museum and I had to push through a layer of two people to see it. I think part of the problem is no one leashes their damn kids. Seriously, I saw only one kid on a leash out of the thousands that were there. If kids were leashed they would have to stay much closer to their parents, and wouldn't be as much in my way. I think you need to institute a policy that any kid that gets in for the reduced "children" price should be on a leash. If kids were leashed there also wouldn't be any incidents like the one I witnessed. As I was standing waiting for the rest of my group to meet me at the entrance, this crazy lady with this super red face comes screaming towards the escalators, yelling STOP!...then I see her trying to catch her kid that is now trying to run up the down escalator, in the process almost falling down the escalator and knocking down a security guard. Instead of trying to pull this kid up the down escalator, this dumb broad could have just ridden the escalator down, grabbed on to the kid and then came back up the up. But regardless, it would not have happened had this kid been on a leash. And while all the children running wildly around really bothered me, I also witnessed the most disturbing thing in the entire world at your museum, and I suggest you decide to stop showing it in order to not traumatize any more people. In the farm section, there is a little room that shows a big pretend pig feeding her pretend baby pigs...and above them there is a video that keeps replaying. Part of the video is the birth of a piglet...I am surprised I did not vomit right there. I did immediately start gagging as I saw this tiny slimy little pig being squeezed out of what I could swear was the pig's butthole. It was honestly the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed...isn't this suppose to be a family friendly museum? I would have rather scooped one eye out with a spoon than have to witness that again, and I would certainly never want my children to see it. I guess that's where the leash would again come in handy, if I saw them looking at something I didn't want them to see I could just yank the leash real hard and pull them away from the screen. So seriously Museum...please consider this leash policy....and please please please BURN that tape of the pig giving birth!


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  1. Dear Musuem of Science and Industry:
    How dare you be successful and "interesting" enough to attract large amounts of people. I mean, really, not cool.