Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Drug Dealer and Girl with No Friends in my lobby:

Now, I am addressing this to both of you because these incidents happened rather close together, and figure why not knock them both out at the same time? Drug're first. You come into my lobby last night, with your "cousin" and go to the door lady and tell her you're here for whatever apartment number. She looks at you rather skeptical so I am guessing you have been here before, and she has had problems. She calls, no answer. She tells you there was no answer so she can't let you up. You ask her if you can use the phone to call a different number because you are here for a "business" and you need to go up. She then asks you why you can't use your own phone, and you said because you need to call the "business" number, and you don't have it on that phone. What you said made absolutely no sense, I don't know if door lady just wanted to get rid of you or what the deal was, but she let you use the phone. You call a different number and tell whoever is on the phone that they need to get a hold of "her" because the "European" door lady thinks you are here for "alternative" purposes, and not for your "business deal". OK buddy, you come in to the apartment at 8:00 on a Saturday night, wearing a du-rag and jeans that are falling off your ass, telling the door lady you're here to work on a "business." Really, what is that "business"...what do you think the door lady thinks when she sees the way you are dressed, you're being all shady about using the phone and trying to get a hold of the chic, and it's a Saturday night? I'd think the only people working on "business" at that time are drug dealers and prostitutes. So buddy, don't get all pissed off when the door lady is skeptical that you are here for alternative purposes....because I think we all know that you ARE.
And on to you "girl with no friends." This morning I am sitting in the lobby, and there is two other people. A blonde girl and some Asian kid. You walk up to the blonde girl and ask her if she has lived in this building for awhile. I think the blonde girl thinks you are asking her because it has something to do with the fight that just took place in the laundry room...(two people got in a fight because one took the others wet clothes out of the dryer before they were done). I thought, and I think blonde girl thought, you wanted a witness to this fight, or you wanted to know the policy on taking people's clothes out of a dryer when they have been sitting there for a long time. Apparently no, you were just looking for some friends. You tell blondie that you are new to the building, and you don't know many girls, and would she like to hang out sometime. Now girl with no friends, maybe this is the reason you don't have any friends. Who goes up to a rando girl and asks if they want to be friends? It would be one thing if you had been sitting down here in the lobby like the rest of us, and you and blondie struck up a conversation. But no, you came down to the lobby, walked right up to her, and asked her to hang out. Do you realize how weird that is? And how do you know blondie is the kind of person you even want to be friends with? You literally talked to her for 2 seconds before you said you wanted to hang out with her. And then you didn't even like stay to talk, you left like almost immediately, it was just freaking creepy. I am also a little bothered by the fact that you didn't ask me to be your friend. Now I would have been equally as creeped out as blondie was...but it still makes me wonder why you picked her and not me. Why don't you want to be friends with me? You picked the cuter of the two girls, and decided to talk to her. Um, listen lady, if you have to ask strangers to be your friends, you shouldn't be sooo picky. If I was in your position I would personally pick the chubby girl with the greasy hair that's in sweatpants over the cute blonde that's all dressed up, because out of the two who do you think is most likely to also have no friends, and be willing to become friends with a rando in her building? Now, I am not saying I would have been willing to hang out with you, I am just saying from looks alone it would have made sense to try and talk to me first. Maybe you should start hanging out in the lobby more, you might find friends that way. But Girl with No Friends its freaking creepy to just walk up to some girl you've never met before and ask her if you can come up to her apartment sometime and hang out.


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