Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Smelly Man on the 36:

To get home from school I can either take the 22 or the 36 bus. I prefer the 22, but if I don't see it coming and the 36 is there I will take's only an extra block or two walk to my apartment. Well today I was a little mad I didn't just wait for the 22. I get on, and go sit towards the back of the bus. About two stops down you get on. I can tell you are homeless by the beat up plastic bags and the suitcase that is about to fall apart that you are carrying. You walk to about the middle of the bus and plop your suitcase and 5 plastic bags across a row of 3 seats. Now buddy, I understand you have a lot of stuff, but it was getting close to rush hour, and there was a lot of people already on this bus. It's complete BS that you took up a whole row of seats, and a handicapped row at that. You then proceed to stand in the middle of the aisle and face forward (I was sitting several rows behind you)...and you go to hike your pants up higher or something, and end up exposing your ENTIRE hairy butt and nasty nasty underwear. Now at this point I have to wonder why you even bother wearing underwear. It was so incredibly filthy looking that I can't even imagine how long you have been wearing it for. But that is besides the point...can you please not expose your entire ass to a bus full of people?? That was a little old lady sitting directly behind you that saw the whole thing waaayyyy to up close. She was absolutely appalled. I am surprised she did not get up and move, because once you sat down we both found something else to be completely appalled by, your smell. Now I get it that you probably can't shower that often...but can you at least not pee on yourself? Because that's exactly what the entire bus smelled like once you sat down...pee. I thought about getting off the bus the smell was so bad...but it was raining and I didn't feel like waiting for another bus. So please smelly man, if possible get some pants that fit so you don't expose yourself to any more old ladies, and if you can't stop peeing on yourself, change your clothes once in awhile, will ya? You gotta have something else to wear in that suitcase. you're carrying around.


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