Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear People Hatin' on my Moon Boots:

Do you people live in Chicago? Do you understand how cold it gets out? I occasionally walk to work because I am too cheap to pay for the CTA, or sometimes don't appreciate having to wait forever for a bus to finally show up just to see it drive right passed my stop because it couldn't possibly stuff another person on it. Why don't you try walking a mile and a half with regular boots on and tell me your feet are not soaking wet and freezing cold when you get to your destination. My moon boots on the other hand keep my feet as dry as possible. Not one ounce of water has touched my feet since I began wearing my moon boots. I have walked through several inch deep puddles and snow piles and my feet have not been cold or wet once. Now I understand the boots are a little funny looking, but don't knock them until you try them. I see the looks people give me as I clomp passed them in my boots. Most people just stare, some people give me dirty looks, and other people elbow the person next to them and point at me. Some people comment, and they're always one of those comments where the person says something that's not exactly nice but not exactly mean, but I can tell they are judging me. Like the man in my building who said "ddaaammnnn girl, those are some BOOTS!" Now, that wasn't necessarily a bad comment about my boots, but I could tell by his voice what he really meant to say was "Ddddddaaaammmnnn girl, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING???" or maybe "dddaaaammmmnnn girl, where's the spaceship I hope you just got off, because nothing else would justify wearing those kind of boots." Then there's the people who ask if they are warm....are you blind???? I just assume those kind of people feel the need to make some comment about my boots but don't have anything to say that wouldn't sound rude, so they ask me an obvious question like "are they warm" or "what kind of boots are those?" They don't say Moon Boots or anything right across the front of them. I bet some of you are thinking, "how hypocritical of someone who judges people for a living (and by living I mean the $4.00 I've made off the adds on my blog) to get mad when someone judges something she wears." Oh but Moon Boot Haters, the difference between me and the people I write about is: moon boots are awesome and leggings/smelly homeless people/crackheads/atheists/fat naked ladies etc. are anything but awesome. So quit hatin' on my moon boots, get yourself a pair, and you will understand.

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