Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Drunkass in My Hallway:

Yesterday I was sleeping, and was rudely woken up by your loud drunken ramblings while you were fighting on the phone with what I suppose was your girlfriend. All I hear is you drunkenly repeating yourself and asking for some number. You then call who I assume is one of your girlfriend's friends, asking her why "Heidi" keeps sending you text messages saying she "wants nothing to fucking do with you." Now, I think I am giving you the benefit of the doubt when I assume this "Heidi" is or was your girlfriend. You could be like the rest of the weirdos in this building and be a big creep and just plain stalking this girl who wants nothing to f'ing to with you. But from what I was able to make out from your drunken conversation I don't think this is the case. blabber on and on on the phone repeating yourself numerous times about how you don't want to keep getting these text messages from "Heidi", and you keep asking the friend why she is sending them and what you can do about it. You then tell the friend that she should come over, because you "just have about 8 or 9 people over, you're just chillin', playing some poker."...when I heard you say that I was actually shocked, because while I could hear you loud and clear out in the hallway, I would have never had any clue you had so many people in your apt. I mean one I was curious to know how you even fit that many people in your apartment, because I think the most I have ever had in mine was about 4 and that was a tight squeeze. I was also surprised because right when you were giving the girl on the phone directions I decided to check my phone to see what time it was....and it was ohhh just 4:30 in the morning. Why would you invite more people over at 4:30 Like are you serious Drunkass? What the hell were you doing with so many people in your apt at this time? I mean don't you realize that there are people around you trying to sleep? Ya know, like the 2 little children that live next door to you. Now while I find it odd, as I'm sure you do, that a family of 4 would choose to live in this building, I still respect the fact that they have little kids. I would never stand outside the door and basically yell into the phone for like a half hour at that time in the morning. If I wasn't so tired and lazy I would have gotten up and yelled at you, but by the time I was so fed up with you I was actually ready to get out of bed, you finally shut up. I think it was because you left to go stalk your girlfriend, which is a story in itself that I won't comment on at this time. But Drunkass, in the future can you get in fights with the girls you stalk...I mean your "girlfriend" while you are in your apartment?


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