Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Crazies on the 156:

Today I was waiting for the 156 for what felt like forever. As I was standing waiting for the bus, this lady in a fur coat kept walking around stomping her feet. She had boots on so it was making a loud noise and it was rather annoying. Then she went into the street to see if the bus was coming and continued to stomp her feet, it was like she was having a little tantrum because the bus wasn't there. As I was watching this I was thinking, maybe I could blog about this lady. I haven't had any really interesting things happen to me lately, and this broad seems crazy enough for me to talk about. Luckily, when I actually got on the bus, you people were on it, and I didn't have to devote a whole post to some broad in a fur coat having a tantrum. I get on and I look to my left and I see what I will call Crazy Couple . You, Crazy Couple are arguing, and just generally making a scene, and you look crazy and possibly homeless, so I decide it would be best for me to walk to the back of the bus. I take a seat, but continue to watch you arguing. A few stops down, crazy lady gets up, starts yelling at crazy guy, and sits somewhere else. Crazy Guy gets up and follows her, and is now just standing in front of people yelling at lady. While guy is standing, what I will call "White Trash Couple" gets on the bus. They try to walk passed crazy dude , but he will not move. They push past him and he then calls the white trash lady fat. This sets white trash guy off, he starts screaming and telling the other guy he is going to kill him. People from the bus try and get up and intervene...they try to explain to white trash guy these people have been causing trouble the whole bus ride, and to just let it go...they are obviously crazy. White trash guy will not let it go....the bus driver had to stop the bus, get up and try to control the yelling...telling crazy guy he is going to have to get off the bus. Then in the midst of white trash guy and crazy guy still yelling at each other, crazy lady gets up and punches white trash lady in the head. I'd have to say, it was pretty freaking awesome. So then, bus driver has no choice but to call the police, white trash couple keeps yelling about how crazy guy better not get off the bus, and white trash guy will f'ing kill him if he tries to get off the bus...bla bla bla. Some more yelling happens for like 5 more min. Crazy guy starts accusing the bus driver of yelling at him because he's black. He must have said this 5 times, because right before the police got there all I could hear over and over again was "I don't care if your green, purple, or started this." Finally the police get there and block off the squad car in front the other in the back of the bus. The police ask a few people what happen, then arrest the crazy couple. All while the crazy lady keeps repeating "but what did I do"....bitch, you punched someone in the head, that's what you did. As I am standing waiting for the next bus to come by and pick all the passengers up, I hear white trash lady telling white trash guy she is going to the hospital. White Trash lady, you did not need to go to the hospital...crazy lady punched you in the head, with people standing in between trying to intervene. There is no way it could have possibly done that much damage. And I don't know what you are going to prove by going to the hospital, they will tell you there is nothing wrong with you. And if you are just doing it to try and sue, crazy couple clearly have no money, and the CTA didn't do anything wrong. You and white trash guy could have kept your mouths shut and ignored crazy couple like EVERYONE else on the bus had been doing all along. From now on white trash couple can you just ignore crazy people on the bus? It's always worked well for me. And crazy couple, I hope you just stay of the bus altogether.


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