Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear Girl With NO Pants On:

So today I was sitting in the lobby doing a little studying. I enjoy studying in the lobby of our building because it's not as quiet as my apartment, and today I learned it is an excellent spot to people watch. So no pants girl, you walked in (you had pants on at this point)...and you immediately start screaming at the door lady. You start screaming that "kenny" is not allowed to come in here anymore, this is my home, he is not to come here, you call the police if he comes here"....door lady looks very puzzled and you walk away, she repeats ok "no more", she has an accent so you think what she said was "relax." (how they sound similar I'm not sure). So you run back to her desk and start yelling some tell her she has no idea what is going on, and "Kenny" is not to come into this building, you signed the lease not him yada yada yada... So you walk away, and about 5 min go by and "Kenny" walks in...he tells door lady he is just going to get his stuff, she tells him no, he tells her yes. Then I hear you sheepishly call from the hallway that he can come and get his stuff. I put my head back down and continue my reading....i think the excitement is over. Boy, was I wrong. About 10 minutes later the police come in, and guess what? Kenny was the one who called the police because you would not let him get his belongings. Well by the time the police come you decide to let him get his belongings in peace, and the police leave. I assume I will see Kenny leave with his belongings and this will be all over....Not 10 minutes go by, and I see you and Kenny walk back into the building holding dinner in your hands acting like you are a totally normal couple. Seriously? Not only did you cause a giant scene for no reason, the door lady will forever hate you. Well on to the no pants part..... 15 min later you walk back into the lobby wearing nothing but a it was one of those slightly longer t-shirts that skinny girls can wear with leggings, but no pants girl 1. you are not skinny and 2. you didn't even have leggings on, nope just a t-shirt. Dear no pants girl: it is completely inappropriate to walk around with no pants on, I understand you live here, but keep the nakedness to your would make us all a lot more happy.

Thank you,

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  1. is this a section 8 tenant? sounds like an everyday Englewood domestic... oh and you should have told the flute guy you would buy his flute only if it were magical and its music whisked away all the homeless in Chicago... you'd be a friggin legend if it did(the St Pat of downtown, woot woot!)