Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear D-Bag in my Drafting Class:

Today we had our very first drafting class. The professor had us go around the room and talk about where we were from, college we want to, why we chose this law school, etc etc...all those "fun" icebreaker topics. When it came to your turn you blabbed on and on about you self like the typical egotistical law student that you are. When it came time to talk about why you went to "this" school, you said it was because when you had 5 min left on the LSAT you realized you were on bubble 22 and you should have been on bubble 23. I have several things to say about this statement... 1. GET OVER YOURSELF...even if this is the reason you went to JM no one cares. Just because you claim that is why you couldn't go anywhere else does not mean I believe you. How do I know you would have gotten a good enough LSAT score to get in somewhere else? 2. I'm pretty sure it is a basic test taking skill to make sure you are filling in the right bubbles, the fact that you couldn't even accomplish that simple task leads me to believe, you in fact would not have gotten in to a better school....actually I find it hard to believe you even got into this school. 3. Great job on officially insulting everyone in the class (especially the professor who is a very active alum who obviously loves this school). You comment did not make us respect you, or think you were smart which is what I think you were going for....it made us think you are a giant TOOL. Congratulations D-Bag, you are know the most hated person in the classroom, and it only took a matter of, oh about 10 min?. Oh and one more thing....if you f'ed up the LSAT so bad, why didn't you just retake? Maybe its because you wouldn't have your little "i filled in the wrong bubble excuse" anymore, and you would have to come to the realization that you do in fact just suck that bad.....can I repeat #1 one more time? GET OVER YOURSELF

Thank You,

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