Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Cornerstone Restaurant & Bar:

I was at your bar/banquet hall/playground this past Friday night and I would just like to tell you how bad you suck. Here I am going back to the suburbs, thinking nothing eventful would happen and I would have nothing one new to write about....I was right about the uneventful part, but my uneventful night at your Establishment gave me plenty of material. Now, there are several reasons I think you suck and I will give them to you in order of importance.

1. Is your slogan really "great food, great atmosphere"? Because 1. that's f'ing lame, and 2. I can't speak to the "great food" but if you really think you have a great atmosphere you need to get out more. My next few reasons will explain why I think there is no truth to this "great atmosphere" business.

2. You should really try to do more to keep the trash out of your bar. There were plenty of people I could comment on, or even write an entire blog about...but I will only mention one. The broad with the baby. Seriously who lets a woman with a 2 year old come into a bar at 10 o'clock at night? I mean seriously, the woman and her son were still there when I left at 11:30, what is wrong with the people that hang out at your bar? It would be one thing if it was around dinner time, and these people came for dinner, and maybe had a drink or two afterwards. But clearly if you are out at 11 you are not there for food, you are there to drink. What a bad mother. And what the hell is wrong with the people with her. If one of my friends brought their kid to a bar, I would call DCFS on their ass, then immediately defriend them from facebook. I would never want to be associated with a person like that. Which Cornerstone, might be a good idea for you too. Don't let trash like that into your bar because it reflects poorly on you. I suggest you institute a "no children past 9 o'clock policy" to prevent this from happening in the future.

3. Um, were you serious with that DJ? The music was so bad that any minute I was just waiting for the DJ to play some Mombo #5 or the Macarena. And at least if the music is bad, most places would have all the same kind of bad music, but your DJ went from awful country songs to rap, to Justin timberlake. It made my ears hurt. I think a monkey could pick out better songs on a jukebox than your DJ could. No one wonder no one was on the dance floor.

4. This whole banquet hall/bar thing you have going on is fucking weird. Pick one or the other. And since your bar sucks so bad I'm going to go with banquet hall, I hope you food is not as " great" as your atmosphere.

So again, I would like to reiterate that you suck. I actually don't know how you stay open, I hope you take my advice, it really would be unwise not to.

Thank you,

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