Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Fat Naked Broad in the Whirpool:

So it's actually been awhile since I encountered your fat naked body in the Whirlpool at Fitness Formula Club, but it has disturbed me for quit some time. I have had nightmares about this incidence for a month now. All I wanted to do was have a nice relaxing read in the whirlpool (with my bathing suit on of course), but as my luck would have it, that was not your plan. Out of the corner of my eye I see you walking towards me. The towels at FFC are really little, they barely fit around my chubby there was no way they were fitting around your body, because fat naked lady your weighing in these days at about 3hundo right? So because the towel does not fit around you, instead of maybe strategically moving the towel to the side so maybe you are only showing some leg, a few rolls, and some side insist on "closing" the towel right across the front of your body. So I get to see a triangle like opening of your GIANT fat stomach and your hairy down there. As I see you walking towards me, I am praying that you go into the steam room or the sauna....but walk up the stairs to the whirlpool and drop your towel. At this moment I am horrified, I did not know people went into these things naked. I calm myself by thinking as soon as you get in, you will be covered by water and I will not see so much of your naked fat body. But oh fat naked lady you had other plans. You decide to plop your fat naked body right on the first step of the not only are you now blocking my exit and can still see EVRERYTHING. Fat naked lady, you had to realize how uncomfortable you were making me, what is wrong with you? I pretended to read one more page of my book, then I faced the wall and walked sideways to get out so I would not have to look at you and all your rolls and your saggy boobs sitting on that step. I will never ever again go into a whirlpool at a gym. Fat naked lady can you please try and refrain from giving anyone else nightmares and put a GODDAMN bathing suit on? Is it that difficult? Aren't you uncomfortable walking around with your rolls exposed? Because I would be. Please do us all a favor and invest in a's the end of the season I'm sure you can find an XXXL on clearance somewhere.

Thank You,

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