Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear St. Louis:

So I know the title of this is Dear Chicago, but after spending a weekend in St. Louis, it is kind of hard not to comment on the things I saw. First of all, I just want to ask a giant WTF is with your city's choice in artwork? Like this statue of a fat rolly guy on a super chubby horse? It is just really disturbing looking, and I think you should have considered the view from the back before you commissioned this art work. And while we're on the topic of weird statues....seriously what is with the Arch? I mean it was cool to see and all, but seriously what a freaking waste of money.

OK, and on to the people and places...

Dear Drunken Fish: I had such high hopes for your bar. The name just sounded like it would be a great time. So I go there and was COMPLETELY disappointed. The places was empty besides some guy having a dance off by himself and this nasty couple that was groping each other on one of your couches. Seriously bars need to learn their lesson...if you want people to have a place to sit down, please just provide chairs. Chairs that only one person can sit on...if you put couches in your bar you are just asking to see some nasty PDA that no one wants to look at. Which brings me to this guy.... This guy is half of the nasty couple that was sitting (laying on each other) on the couch. While the skank got up to go the bathroom this guy fell asleep. Seriously, what is wrong these people? Don't you have a couch at home that you can be all over each other on? And then fall asleep on? I mean if you are so drunk that you are passing out in the bar, what prevented you from going home a long time ago? And Drunken Fish, what is wrong with you? Show some class, kick people like this out!
Dear Girl with the job from her dad: So I went to your lovely city for a leadership conference. During the conference there was a presentation about job searching, with a panel of recent grads. The second you got introduced I knew how you got your job, your last name is the same as the name of the firm. Seriously, what the heck were you doing on a panel about searching for jobs? What insight could you possibly have to give to people who are not going to get handed a job when they graduate? I'm going to assume that you never went to leadership conferences, because like you said during the panel you "knew from the beginning you had this job"....so really how many of us did you think were in the same situation as you? People don't get involved and do things like go to a leadership conference when they have a sweet job after graduation and daddy's law firm to take over when he retires. You should have done us all a favor and not shown up, because it was a freaking joke to listen to someone who didn't need to look for a job, talk about finding a job in this crap economy. Here's a hint, the only panel you belong on is one about being a spoiled brat, so next time save yourself the embarrassment and just say no next time you are asked to do a panel.
Dear St. Louis: All and all you're not that bad of a city (if you can even be considered a real city)....but I'll stick with Chicago.

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