Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Bike Stealer:

It has been about a month and half now since you stole my bike, but I am still soooo freaking pissed about it. I guess I was naive to think that if I left my bike locked up outside my apt. for just one night it would be okay. You see bike stealer, the bike room in my building is down a set of windy stairs, and then the bike rack requires me to lift my bike up and place the wheel in the rack. I am a weakling, I do not have the strength to carry my bike downstairs and lift it onto a rack everyday. So I left it outside thinking my lock was thick enough and my bike was too old lady looking for anyone to steal...I guess I was wrong. I heard you outside my window in the middle of the night, but I just thought someone was getting their bike off the rack next to mine. But no, it was actually you, stealing my precious bike. You are actually lucky bike stealer, had I gotten out of bed to see what all the noise was about I would have threw my Rachel Ray knife out the window at you. The thing I don't get is why did you pick my bike? I hope you immediately sold it, because as I am assuming you are a thug or a homeless would look like a complete fool on an old lady bike. Actually, I hope you didn't sell it, because if I ever see someone riding my bike I plan on tackling that person and taking it back. So Mr. Bike Stealer here is an idea, how about you give me my bike back to save us both from getting injured when I try to take my bike back. You can even just lock it right back up to the same bike rack you stole it from, since you also took my lock too. And here's some advice, next time you steal someone's bike can you leave the lock? You gave me false hope that maybe I had just forgotten where I had put my bike, if you had left the cut lock at least I wouldn't have thought I was going crazy, and I would have known what happened. In case you steal a lot of bikes (which I am sure you do) I have attached a picture so you can return the right one.


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