Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear "Garbage" Picker:

So I go to pick up the last bit of furniture left in my apt yesterday. I walk in to a filthy apartment left by my subletter (thanks a lot a-hole!), so needless to say I was already in a bad mood. I get all my furniture out of my apt, I load half of it into my brother's car and send him on his way. I leave the other half behind my building and leave it for my aunt to come pick it up. I go back upstairs to try and clean some of the mess my filthy subletter left. Not 15 minutes go by when I'm looking out my window and I see a beat up red truck with a bunch of junk piled on top of it. Oh wait...that wasn't junk, it was my futon and table and chairs!!! That's right, I go upstairs for a measly 15 minutes, and you garbage picker managed to find your way down my dead end street and then into the alley and load up my furniture. So I immediately start screaming out the window at you. You look around all confused for a second and finally look up and see the lunatic on the 2nd floor screaming "THAT'S NOT GARBAGE, THAT'S NOT GARBAGE, GET MY SHIT OUTTA YOUR TRUCK." So you back it up, and pull back down the alley. I meet you downstairs and start screaming at you some more. You barely speak English and just keep saying "I sorry, I sorry. It was next to dumpster" No buddy it wasn't, it was about 15 feet away from the dumpster. Seriously dude I don't know how you managed to find my stuff so quickly, but next time if it's not in the dumpster or right next to it, maybe you should think twice about taking it. Or here's a novel idea, how 'bout you get a job and you won't have to go around stealing other people's furniture to scrap.


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