Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear "Hurricane Simulator:"

So I am walking through the mall one day with my mom, and we see you, Hurricane Simulator. We were both very confused on what you could possibly do to simulate a hurricane. We see there is a opening at the bottom of your door, so you can't possibly spray water on people. Plus I don't think the mall would have allowed you to set up shop in there if it would mean people walking around soaking wet after they tried you out. So Sue thinks it would be a great idea for me to try it. I figured as long as she was going to pay the $2, why not. So I step in and shut the door. Sue puts the money in and we wait to see what happens. And then a fucking fan starts to blow on me. And that's all that happens. I stand under this dumbass fan for about a minute, and then the "hurricane" stops. Are you f'ing kidding me? This was the biggest waste of $2 in the entire world. Now being from the Midwest and all, I cannot say I have actually ever experienced a real hurricane. But I have seen that shit on TV, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't feel like a dinky little fan blowing on you. Hurricane Simulator, if you are going to claim you simulate hurricanes you need to step up your game.


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