Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Man Who Smells Worse than the Elephants at the Zoo:

Now, I have experienced some awful smells while riding the CTA...but you Sir were by FAR the worst smelling person I have ever had to deal with. Now the last time there was a smelly homeless man on the CTA part of the reason I could smell him was because he was pretty close to me, I don't think the entire bus was dealing with as pungent a smell as I was. But not this time, I actually couldn't even see where you were sitting, I could only smell you. And judging by the looks on everyone’s faces, and the old broad screaming at the bus driver to open the window, I think everyone else smelled you as well. You smelled soooo bad that I actually had to get off the bus, I couldn't take it. I'd rather walk a mile in cold and windy Chicago weather than have to smell you, that's how bad it was. I am not exaggerating, or even trying to be funny when I say you literally smelled like the zoo. It was a mix of really strong smelling urine and like you crapped your pants...several times. I wasn't even the only person to get off the bus, when the driver got up to open a window to shut the old lady up, about 5 people got off the bus with really pissed off looks on their faces, which lead me to believe that was not their stop and they were annoyed they had to get off. I mean, come on dude, it's obvious you were homeless, so where were you even going on that bus? Can you just not torture people and stay outside? I highly doubt you were going anywhere important.


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