Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Crazy Obama Haters on the Corner of State and Jackson:

Now I am going to preface this letter by saying that I also am not a fan of the President and his policies. However, I think you people take it waaayyyyyy too far, and just make yourselves look like crazy idiots. Now I would be okay with that fact that you make yourself look like crazy idiots, but you also make all conservative people look bad, crazy liberals like to associate crazy conservatives with normal ones to try and make us all look crazy. (why do you think the media is giving so much attention to the "tea party" movement????) You stand on the corner of State and Jackson with a table with some flyers and some lovely little posters. Since I did not waste my time going to pick up your flyers, my main problem with you is the posters. You had a poster similar to the one I have to the right. A picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache. What the F is wrong with you people??? Can you please explain to me how Obama is anything like Hitler? Now when I go to your idiotic website the pictures of Obama as Hitler are in the section about the healthcare debate. Now there are many people who believe the healthcare legislation Obama is shoving through Congress is socialist. Well here's a history lesson for you idiots, Hitler was a fascist, not a socialist. So maybe you should pick a new historical figure to compare him to. But no, you won't do that because you want to insight anger in people, get them all riled up so that they start a fight with you, so you can then preach your idiotic views to them. If you didn't have something so extreme, and sooo wrong, no on would pay any attention to you. I personally was looking out the window at your idiots for about a half hour because I was hoping someone would come up and punch one of you, it didn't happen, but you certainly deserved it. The second poster you have says "Send Obama to the Moon" apparently you people are all heated up about Obama saying he doesn't want to fund NASA anymore. Seriously, do you know what kind of debt our country is in? Why the F are we going to send people into space right now? Please give me one good thing it would do for this country? One of my friends told me we need to go to the moon because "what if there are magical things up there we haven't discovered?" That right there solidified my thoughts on why it is completely asinine to be pushing NASA funding right now. My last problem with you people is the fact that every time I have seen you standing out there, you always have one black person at your table. Like you think having a black person standing there is somehow going to add to your credibility? It doesn't help that the guy just stands there while you do all the talking, which leads me to believe that you paid him to stand there because you think people are going to be stupid enough to believe "wow, even black people don't like Obama" just because you found one idiot who agreed with you/or you found someone that would take your money. It also doesn't help that the guy you paid looks exactly (or maybe is) the guy who stands outside the Old Navy on State Street yelling into a microphone at every boy that walks by in skinny jeans that he is going to hell because he is a homosexual. Yea, you found yourself a real credible person to help your cause. So Idiots, please stop wasting your time, and quit making people like me look bad, because some people might mistakenly believe all conservatives think like you. And seriosuly, Obama is nothing like Hitler, and you are not going to convince anyone to agree with your ignorant views.

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