Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dear Skanks:

Please put your vaginas away. Just because we have had a few 80 degree days does not mean you can all go flashing your va jay jays to the public. I cannot even count the amount of chics I have seen walking down the street wearing "dresses" that barely covered their asses. I cringe even thinking about what I am about to say, but maybe if you cannot find longer "dresses" you should put on leggings. While you will still not be wearing pants, at least no one will be able to see anything they are not supposed to see. Now as inappropriate I think it is for you all to wear shirts that you try to play off as dresses, it's most inappropriate when you are at church. I go to mass this morning, and it is just unbelievable the kinds of things people wear in there. Now, I will have to admit, the dresses people were wearing at mass were not short enough to see a flash of cooch, but they were still WAY to short for church. How could you feel comfortable going into God's House wearing a skirt that went to the middle of your thigh?? What were you people thinking? And as much as the length of skirts bothered me, the biggest skank, most inappropriate church wear goes to the girl who was carrying a Playboy Bunny purse. Are you f'ing kidding me? Those things are trashy to walk around with just in public, let alone bringing it into church. I don't know if you thought it was cute or something because it's easter and you had a bunny on your purse...but let me tell you, it wasn't cute, it was beyond trashy. And here is another tip for you C and E's....tank tops are not acceptable to wear in church. Especially for you fat broads (and there were plenty). No one wants to see you flabby arms and you fat boobs hanging out, especially not in church. Even you skinny chics, having your boobs hang out in mass is just gross. Please cover yourselves up...maybe a little cardigan or something. So skanks, quit being skanks.



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